Quick! To the Queermobile!


Friday night, I took Becky back to her place after spending a few hours running around town with her and watching a movie at my place. As we were driving, I noticed that my brake light kept coming on. Being a bit concerned, I called my favorite mechanic Saturday morning. He informed me that it sounded like I was losing brake fluid, especially considering my answers to his questions ruled out the other possiblities. Unfortunately, he also informed me that he wouldn’t be able to get to my car until Monday, but I was free to drop it off and leave it there, just in case he found some free time this weekend.

As I didn’t want to have to take extra time on Monday to get my car there, I agreed to drop it off Saturday morning. However, I decided I still needed a car, so I picked up the phone a second time and called Enterprise. They indicated they had a car available and I could have it through Tuesday. So when I dropped my car off at the garage, I walked the two blocks over to Enterprise’s Henrietta office and filled out the paperwork to get my rental car.

As the woman who was taking care of me went to get keys, she asked her coworker what midsized cars they had available. He told her the PT Cruiser would be the best bet. Now I have to admit, I think PT Cruisers are ugly cars, but I’m not inclined to be too picky when it comes to a rental car. After all, I only have to drive it for a few days.

Apparently, I was completely oblivious (probabl due to the list of items running through my head that I really should’ve been doing at that exact moment rather than worrying about transportation), because I never noticed the color of my new rental car when I got into it and drove it off the lot. It wasn’t until I got back to my townhouse, gathered up the stuff I needed for the day, and walked back out to the car before I realized that it was this incredibly light shade of lavendar. I looked at it and started laughing. The only thing I could think to say was, “Well, I guess I don’t have to worry about anyone assuming I’m straight for the nex few days.” I also wondered if the people at Enterprise gave me this car because I happened to be wearing my “2QT2BSTR8 shirt at the time.”

I have to admit that as Saturday progressed, the car actually grew on me. I’ve affectionally named it “The Queermobile,” much to friends’ amusement. I’ve especially fallen in love with the color. I’m actually considering saving up my money and finding a body shop that can paint my car that same color, or at least something close.

Isn’t it strange the things I find amusing?

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  1. Damn you Jarred! I did NOT need the live action TV show’s bat signal flashing on the screen, accompanied by the music, in my head when I read “Quick, to the Queermobile!” and it’s not going away…thanks a lot man. 😛 🙂

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