Now that’s what I call a birthday party!

Friday I mentioned that Michele and I were going to another party held by the members of the WNY Paranormal Society. The party has come and gone, and once again we had a blast.

This particular party was to celebrate the birthday of one of the group’s members, Stacie. Michele and I eventually arrived at the party, but only after searching for the host’s house for over forty five minutes. We learned a valuable lesson: No matter how sure you are that you can find the place because you’ve been there before, it’s always smart to at least take the hosts’ phone number with you. But we eventually arrived you and were greeted warmly (that may be the understatement of the decades).

The party had a lot of color and light in the decor. Each of us were given plastic, glow-in-the-ark necklaces and bracelets. Sarah had even found glasses (and shot glasses no less) with LED’s embedded in the bottom. The LED’s woud blink in a pattern, lighting up any drink put into them. The topper for the cake — which was also a rather interesting shape — was also clear and lit up with different colors. (And I won’t even go into detail about how various guests demonstrated certain talents with the topper.)

The night was filled with good drinks, great food, and tasty Jello shots (I even had a few). During all of this, we had some great conversations and simply enjoyed ourselves. The only thing we did not partake in was the skinny dipping — not that David didn’t make a valient attempt to talk me into it.

Hopefully, we’ll get together again before the summer is out.

7 thoughts on “Now that’s what I call a birthday party!”

  1. Jared, we were so thrilled to have you at our house–many thanks for joining us for such a fun night! 🙂

    -Goddess xox

  2. Damn. One of these days, we’ll get you into the swing of skinny-dipping. Haha!

    As for me, I might be heading out to Canaveral for some at least topless sunbathing soon. Mmmmmm….it’s been too long.

  3. Thanks for the great review Jarad. It’s great to have such a mixture of friends that have fun together. thank you for being there and helping to make Stacie’s 30th birthday party so special.

  4. Paranormal groups staging adult birthday parties is one thing. But paranormal groups which expect the public to grant them trust with their families and homes should not be publicly known for just how “adult” their parties can be.

    But then WNY Paranormal has always considered themselves above rules which only effect others.

    This type of behavior is a death knell.

    And nothing DC may say or do will ever change that fact.

    In time even the specific Pagan groups like the Pagan Outreach Center you have attached yourself too after having interrogated that one poor innocent girl in Canandaigua because she was a Wiccan will eventually make of you a liability best avoided.

  5. Thank you, Joe. That is your one and only comment on this subject. All future attempts to air your personal vendettas on my blog will be deleted. Please feel free to express your opinion of me, the POC, NEC, or even WNY paranormal on either of your blogs, YouTube, or any other account or site you own. But I will not allow it to spill over onto my personal space.

    Have a good day.

  6. Damn! What an uptight ass! I’d love to attend a party like that. 🙂 Of course I’d be dressed, I’m 51. 🙂 But I can look! lol!

    I, and my son Larro keep getting insults thrown at us on Beasts blog.First one was that Larros wife should be ashamed that she married an atheist, that they should be ashamed of having pets instead of children,(don’t cha know, its gods will to procreate)then it was my fault that my husband was killed because I’m an atheist, now, it’s, my son is deaf because i am a sinner. This assh$#@ that says this, should go to the church that says our soldiers die because of tolerance to gay people. WTF?

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