Meme: Joys and Sorrows

Eirsinitiate created a fun little meme which I found interesting. I decided that rather than waiting to be tagged (and hoping it eventually happened), I’m going to be naughty and self-infect. (There’s probably some meme etiquette agaisnt it, but I’ve never claimed to have stellar social graces anyway.)


  1. You have to use your own belief system for the meme. No fair using someone else?s to make a joke or satire. Being humorous about your own religion is encouraged!
  2. You have to have at least one joy and one trial. More are encouraged. And no, they don?t have to be equal in length, but please be honest.
  3. You have to tag at least one other person. More are appreciated!
  4. Please post these rules!


  1. Knowing that every act of love and joy is a sacred act and being free to celebrate life religiously
  2. Having gods who not only care deeply about me, but wish to work in partnership with me for both our benefits.
  3. The knowledge that while I certainly can and should grow and improve as a person, this is possible due to my inherent worth and capacity to do so.


  1. Knowing there are no easy answers and no easy sources for answers.
  2. Dealing with friends and family who care deeply, but struggle with understanding my faith.
  3. Being the devotee of a goddess who is all about passion and being single.

Infecting Others

I’ve decided to spread this over various faith groups. It seemed appropriate, given the diverse nature of my readers.

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10 thoughts on “Meme: Joys and Sorrows”

  1. Yay! Another post! And no, you don’t have to be tagged. The more the merrier! And I’m looking forward to reading what people from other traditions, paths, religions, and belief systems have to say.


  2. Oh surely you can come up with a list of joys and trials over being nonreligious, Tina!

    At any rate, with any luck, my next meme (granted, they’re rare) will be something you can be included on. In fact, I’ll try to tag you specifically next time. πŸ˜‰

  3. Uh oh, I better do this or you’re put a spell on me or something.

    Well, I’ve been kinda busy and out of it lately, but I’m hoping to update my blog in the next few days, so I’ll do it then. πŸ˜›

  4. Okay, I wasn’t tagged for this one so I am leaving a comment here.

    My joy of being an atheist is that I can sleep in on Sundays.

    My trial:Putting up with those annoying religious e-mails family members send me. Hmmm…not sure who knows I’m atheist, no one has ever asked me.

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