Quiz Creators: Read the Latest Specs

About once every two weeks, I like to run the index page for my blog through the HTML Validator. I like to try and keep my page as clean and properly coded as possible. (Now some day, I just have to tackle cleaning up my style sheet and feeds.)

For the most part, I get a fairly clean report and it just takes a couple of minutes to clean up any errors the validator does report. Fortunately, the templates I use have already been cleaned up, so any errors I get are actually introduced by my posts. Considering I don’t use much HTML in my posts, I don’t make many mistakes with it. In fact, my most common mistake is posting a link that has an ampersand in the address and forgetting to replace the “&” with “&” in the address.

Then there are those times when I post the results from an online quiz. Today, when I went through the validation process, the results for the “What Color is Your Soul” quiz alone generated eighty errors. And I had to spend several minutes reading through those errors and making the minor updates that would make each little error go away in turn.

Even these errors are relatively minor. They usually involve not adding the terminating slash to a tag that doesn’t have a corresponding closing tag or not enclosing an attribute’s value in quotes. The hard part is reading through the dense burst of code that make up the quiz results and finding the mistakes. And when there’s a few dozen such mistakes, working through each one can be tedious.

I hope there eventually becomes a day when online quiz creators start doublechecking their HTML against the latest specification. It’d save me a bit of time and trouble. Not to mention any other erstwhile quiz takers that like to keep their blog’s HTML clean.

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