Christmas Review

Professional Picture

The picture in this post is a poorly scanned image of one of the professional photographs I gave my mother for Christmas yesterday. (I’m hoping the bad scan-job will save me from a copyright infringement suit if the photographer ever visits my blog. I know, bad me.) In fact, this is the shot of which I ordered an 8×10 print and took it to Jo Ann’s to have it custom framed. I wanted to take a picture of the framed picture as well, but (1) I forgot my camera and (2) Mom didn’t get it hung on the wall before I left yesterday afternoon. I hope to get a shot of it sometime in the next few months, however.

Needless to say, Mom was exceedingly pleased with her Christmas present this year. Similarly, Dad was happy with the electric air compressor I bought him, as well. (Of course, he should be happy with it, considering he helped me pick it out Christmas Eve.) He says he’ll thank me every time he has to pump up a tire on the Jeep, the tractor, or the lawn mower. I didn’t realize he was having so many problems with tires going flat.

Christmas was a pleasant time for me this year. I spent the night before Christmas at my parents’ home. I had a full night’s sleep which was uninterrupted by the sound of hoofbeats on the roof, despite the fact that my room is on the second floor. When I awoke, I found Mom already in the kitchen. Dad woke up shortly thereafter, and we enjoyed a pleasant breakfast together before heading to the family room to open gifts.

I received a new polo shirt and a couple pair of sleep shorts, along with some much needed items to help organize my home and keep it that way. My mother received some framed pictures from my father, including a collage of photographs which he spent more than three hours working on putting together the day before. Mom in turn gave dad a new snow gauge and some clothing necessities.

Shortly after we finished our gift exchanged, my sister called from Mississippi to wish us all a Merry Christmas and give a report of their morning. Apparently, the children were all quite excited about their gifts. (In fact, they were too busy playing with them to hop on the phone long enough to speak with my parents or myself.)

After a tasty ham dinner and an hour or so of after-dinner conversation, I decided it was time for me to scoop up Precious and head back to Rochester. The trip home was uneventful, though I could’ve used a nap before making it, now that I think about it. Once I got home, I spent time with Precious as she got re-accustomed to our home. (She spent the time since Thanksgiving living with her grandparents.) I then found a light, quick meal and watched a bit of television before deciding to call it a night.

I hope all my readers had an equally restful and blessed Christmas.

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  1. this is a terrific picture of you. screw copyright infringement. it’s OF you, you should have the rights to it as well. 😉
    glad your christmas was a nice one. ours too was nice and quiet for our gang. i have to admit though, i’m almost ready for christmas break to be over. too many people in this house!

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