Now this is courage

I haven’t blogged in a while. I haven’t had the time or energy. And I’m not entirely sure how to write about some of the things that have been on my mind lately.

But to give everyone something well worth reading, I thought I’d point out over to Matt Hill Comer’s experience in returning to his childhood church and confronting the pastor. All I can say is that Matt is one courageous man and an inspiration.

As I read it, I asked if I could do something similar. I’ve decided I couldn’t right now. Of course, to my old church’s credit, they never preached violence and the whole topic of homosexuality didn’t really come up all that much. In fact, in my rural area, I think everyone just pretended that sort of thing didn’t happen. That was a “big city thing.”

Besides, the people from my old church I would consider it necessary to confront mostly happen to be related to me. That adds a whole dimension of scariness in my mind.

5 thoughts on “Now this is courage”

  1. That was a really interesting read.

    By the way– I have an awful time leaving notes here. It usually takes a good three minutes or so to go through. I don’t know if it’s my end or yours or if you know about it.

  2. Adam,

    Yeah, Matt’s a great guy. In many ways, I wish I had his courage back when I was his age. Of course, I also wish I had my act together so well back then, too. I was still going through a lot of inner turmoil at the time.

  3. Lauren,

    I’m glad you enjoyed Matt’s post. As for the trouble you’re having with comments, you’re not the only one. It seems to be a very common problem. Unfortunately, other than trying to upgrade to the latest version of MT (something I’m trying to put off for another month or so) or changing hosts (which I can’t do for another year), there’s not much I can do about it. But thanks for pressing on anyway. I always appreciate your comments.

  4. I want to thank you for pointing to that. It made me cry…I hate that we (Christians) and our biases have done this to people…because I keep hearing these kinds of stories. Sigh, I hope that we could all find Love, whatever that means in our own lives. And stop dictating what Love looks like for other people.

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