My circuit is getting bigger

Today, I ran to Dick’s to buy a new pair of walking shoes. Now that the weather seems to be generally warm, I’ve decided it’s time to start taking my monthly seven mile walk along the canal again. As I started wearing my “dedicated walking shoes” from last summer all the time during the winter, I figured I best get a new pair.

Once I had my new shoes in hand, I immediately put them on and decided to take the first step in breaking them in. So I drove downtown (well, a bit east of downtown, really), parked my car outside of Psychic’s Thyme, and set out for my first real walk of the year.

I decided that being a new year, it was time to increase my “short” walk. So rather than walking the circuit of Park Avenue, Alexander Street, East Avenue, and Culver Road, I decided to walk the circuit formed by Monroe Avenue, Union Street, East Avenue, and Culver Road. Estimating my brief bathroom break and tea purchase at five minutes, I would say that my walking time was an hour and fifteen minutes. That’s up fifteen minutes from last autumn. Further more, now my “short walk” takes more than half the time of my seven mile walk!

I fared the trek quite well, really. My feet were aching by the time I got back to my car, but I think that was mainly due to the fact that I was wearing the new shoes. Overall, I’d say the dance class has kept me in the same shape I was in when I quit walking for the winter.

I’ve also come up with my tentative weekly exercise regime (or I should say “plans to have fun while getting some exercise without really thinking about it” regime):

  • Tuesday night: Beginner’s Contemporary Dance Class
  • Tuesday Night:: Floor Barre Plus Class
  • Sunday Mid-Day:Walking the Circuit Downtown. (Alternative: Seven mile canal walk one weekend each month)

I’m also thinking about adding another walk on Thursday night, but I figure and wait to see how everything goes.

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  1. A friend and I have committed to walking the Portland to Coast this summer…teams of 12 walk 125 miles in a relay, averaging between 11 and 16 minute miles…two legs of 4-7 miles each…argh! So now we’re training for that.

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