Not my best week

If there was ever a week where I might wish I could find the long-wished-for “do-over button,” this is that week. The insanity of my week began on Sunday night when I went out to my car and hit the starter only to have the car instantly respond by going dark. So I ended up calling AAA on Monday morning to have the darn thing towed to the dealership. I then spent most of the rest of the day fretting over what could be wrong and how I was ever going to pay for it.

The good news was that it turned out to be nothing more than a dead short in the battery. The dealership was able to replace the battery and send me on my way. The down side is that because I took it to the dealership rather than just calling AAA and having them bring me a new battery, the repair cost about twice as much as it should have (figure in diagnostics and labor) and took most of the day to take care of. The loss of a full day of work (rather than an hour or two) is probably the most frustating part. But alas, I never would’ve guessed it was just a battery problem, given how the car behaved Sunday night. So that’s just the way life goes.

On Tuesday night, towards the end of dance class, I ended up twisting my ankle. We were practicing our phrase, and when I got to the part where we do a hop and turned, I turned wrong and went down. I think I gave everyone — especially my instructor — a bit of a panic. I’m doing much better, but it hurt for a couple days. I even missed Wednesday night’s dance class as a result, which is frustrating.

On top of those two unfortunate events (am I in a Lemony Snicket novel?), I’ve also been struggling with allergies all week. This means stuffed up sinuses, a cough (caused by post-nasal drip, I think), and just general fatigue doing to “feeling off” from the allergies. Wednesday night, I finally broke down and bought some over-the-counter antihistimine tablets. They seem to be helping.

Needless to say, all of this put something of a damper on my birthday on Wednesday. I was in pain and tired, so my desire to celebrate was rather diminished. This is a bummer, because I had already decided that I was actually going to enjoy my birthday this year. I’ve decided not to let getting older get to me and go back to enjoying having a special day that’s all about me. (Yes, Narcissus lives.)

On the bright side, the car is now fixed, my ankle is feeling mostly better, and my allergies even seem to be clearing up. So hopefully, I can put this week behind me and enjoy a great weekend. And hopefully next week will be better.

4 thoughts on “Not my best week”

  1. You had a birthday? And didn’t tell me?

    Happy birthday Jarred. May EVERY week be better than the last!

    I’m sorry things were so nasty this week…when it rains, it pours….but it can’t rain forever. Glad your ankle is feeling better. Take it easy, don’t overdo it.

  2. Thanks, Erin.

    And in defense of me not telling you about my birthday, considering how crazy your own life has been, it would’ve been difficult for me to find a chance to tell you. 😉

    I hope things are calming down for you as well.

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