I must be geting vain as I get older

NailsLast Tuesday evening, a woman working one of the kiosks stopped me while I was headed out of the mall. She asked me if she could ask me a question, and I foolishly answered in the affirmative. She ended up grabbing my right thumb and began to work on it with the “miracle three step nail smoother and polisher” she was trying to sell. So she spent three to four minutes going through her lengthy spiel (which I admit was quite entertaining) while she smoothed, buffed, and shined my thumbnail. When she was done, she had me hold my thumbs side by side and compare the nails. Sure enough, my right thumbnail was much shinier, smoother, and nicer to look at. Of course, at this point, the woman encouraged me to buy the whole nail care package she was offering for $40. (When I said no, she offered to go as low as $25.)

The woman made one critical error in her pitch. She was trying to convince me to buy the kit for my sister or my mother. (We had already established the fact that I’m single by the close of her spiel.) It never once occurred to her that I might like to have smooth, shiny nails. In fact, I would encourage anyone selling any sort of “beauty product” to never overlook the possibility that the man you’re talking to is either a metrosexual or a gay man. (Okay, in the latter case, it also helps if said gay man also happens to be a bit on the “girly” side.) Had she managed to appeal to my own sense of vanity, she might have made the sale.

Single NailAs it turns out, she made a sale for Wal-Mart instead. As I walked away looking at my shiny thumbnail and thinking I really did like the way it looked, it occurred to me that just about any department store probably carries a similar product. So today after lunch, I wandered off to Wal-Mart and looked through their nail care aisle. Sure enough, I found a similar three-step tool for working on my nails. (They had a seven-step tool as well, but that just seemed way to complicated for me. I’m not that vain — at least not yet.) And the silly thing cost me $1.05 rather than $25.

Granted, the $25 kit the woman tried to sell me had much more in it. But she didn’t really demonstrate or otherwise do a good job of selling the rest of the kits contents. So I got just what I was looking for and did so inexpensively.

As soon as I got home, I gave my new toy a try. I actually think my nails turned out pretty well. They’re not perfect, and I suspect that’s because I need a bit more practice (and patience) to get everything just right. But they certainly look better than they did.

And there’s just something about making my nails look nice that makes me feel good about myself. I guess it’s a pampering thing.

3 thoughts on “I must be geting vain as I get older”

  1. LOL! Hey, maybe straight, non-metrosexual men want shiney nails too!

    I fell for that one time too. The lady came up to me and grabbed my fingers and asked me why I don’t take care of them and I said I didn’t really care. They she said “well, you care about your clothes and hair, so why not nails?” And of course, I’m wearing a pony tail and a hoodie and honestly not caring. She then started buffing away and it hurt my fingers and I tried to get away, lol, but she kept going and going. Finally she finished and was so excited, thinking that I would have HAD to have changed my mind, and I was just like “um, ok” and she looked at me and said “you just really aren’t interested are you?”

    Um, ya think? 🙂

  2. This is a great point for a salesperson to take into consideration! Also, smart move, I have the $1.50 nail buffer too and it works great. I love it when a man cares about his hands and feet.

  3. Lauren: Maybe they do, but I have yet to meet one.

    And it took long enough for the woman to figure it out, huh? Ah well….Sometimes, I think they’re too busy rattling through their spiel to actually pay attention.

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