My idea of a great first date

One of the projects I worked on today was to describe what I would want to do on a first date if I was planning it. I decided to post it here and see what my readers thought.

For me, the first date is all about getting to know each other and making that first connection. It sets the first stone in the foundation of the rest of the relationship.

For me, that means going someplace quiet and somewhat intimate where we can have either coffee or a full meal. Atmosphere is of the utmost importance, so someplace like Boulder Coffee Company or The Old Toad (before the rush sets in) would be ideal. We would sit and chat for an hour or so as we sipped at our coffee or savored our meals, allowing the thread of conversation to flit to whatever topics came naturally.

If things went well and it was warm enough outside, we would then take a short walk, perhaps a Schoen place or in one of the parks around the city. Ideally we would hold hands or walk arm-in-arm, enjoying the time outdoors and each other’s company.

Conversation would continue during the walk, but it would be a little more sparse than it was at dinner. There would also be some comfortable silences as we walked along, taking in our surroundings. After all, such moments are important, and a good couple knows how to appreciate them without filling them with too much chatter.

If bad weather made walking infeasible, then we would take in a nice concert or play. Again, this would be a time to enjoy some quiet moments one another, becoming comfortable with and enjoying one another’s presence.

In either case, we would eventually end the date, preferably with a quiet moment where we could exchange our goodbyes and a hug, if not a tender kiss.

So, what do you think? Would you enjoy such a date?

3 thoughts on “My idea of a great first date”

  1. Jarred, will you go on a date with me? This sounds perfect for a first date! (oh darn, I just remembered you don’t dig chicks!)

    Seriously this is ideal – I would love it.

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