Walking to Cure Diabetes

WalkLogoBlack.jpgNext month, I will be participating in the annual Walk to Cure Diabetes.  This is a fund-raising  event held by various chapters of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.  It’s a great way to raise money, and I’m excited to do my part this year.

The Rochester chapter of JDRF has set a regional goal of $747,000 this year, and I currently have my personal goal set at $100.  Of course, since I’m already more than halfway there, I may have to increase my personal goal.

Diabetes has touched my life and my family in many different ways, and I would love nothing more than to see researchers find a cure for it.  The fact that scientists are making some rather hopeful predictions — that we may see a cure in our lifetimes even — is exciting, and I look forward to walking and raising money to fund the research during this exciting time.  If any of my readers are able to spare even a few dollars, a donation would be greatly appreciated.  Donations can be made on my fund-raising page, and I have added a linked image to the sidebar of my blog.

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