Hail to the Noon-Day Sun

Sun High in the SkyHail to the Noon-Day Sun, the glorious Queen1 of the Sky!  I greet you with joy!  May your brightness and warmth cause all things to grow, and may I draw that growth into myself and model it there as well.  Let me find health and wholeness through your blessings on this earth.  Teach me to take this time to toil and be productive, that I may reap the bounties of my work and share them with those around me.

1Oh no!  Has Jarred lost it?  Isn’t the sun usually seen as masculine?  Well, I suppose it matters on what you mean by “usually.”  However, the bottom line is that Jarred is honoring the heavily Teutonic influences of his faith and practice, where the sun is often seen as feminine.  (The moon is also often seen as masculine in these traditions.)

2 thoughts on “Hail to the Noon-Day Sun”

    1. Actually, the last couple days here have been somewhat cloudy and even a little rainy here. No hailstorms, though. At least not that I’m aware of.

      These posts are actually sort of Pagan prayers or meditations I’m working on to do as mini-devotionals throughout the day. They don’t necessarily relate to the current state of the weather here when I post them. For example, the next one will be “Hail to the Evening and Setting Sun,” yet will be posted at 8am my time. That’s practically the opposite end of the day. 😉

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