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NCOD Humor

Yesterday, I did a serious post about National Coming Out Day and cominng out of the closet.  Today, I want to share a fun little video I did.  I figure coming out is scary enough, I might as well find humor in it where I can.

I do want to take a moment to issue an apology, however.  After I made the video, I realized that I flubbed up and said “transexual” instead of “transgender.”  I should have used the latter word, for countless reasons, such as the fact that gender identity issues delve into far more than physical sexual characteristics.  Normally, I do a better job than that.  But rather than trying to explain why I used the wrong word, let me just say this:

I fucked up.  I am sorry.  This is just proof that I need to work even harder at being a better ally to the transgender community.  I hope that the transgender community will give me a chance to do exactly that.

Video: How Wyrd Informs My Ethics

I decided to do another video.  This time, my topic of discussion is on how wyrd informs my understanding of ethics.

I’ve been fascinated by the concept of wyrd for almost three years now.  I’ve explored it’s implications for magic, for community, and for justice.  So it’s no surprising that I’d find it an important concept when thinking about my ethics, as well.

A Capella Music and Star Wars! Who can beat that?

My brother-in-law sent me a message on Facebook this morning of this great a capella tribute to Star Wars. The tribute was made by a young man named Corey Vidal.

Corey originally put his tribute up on YouTube, but it was taken down due to copyright issues. He’s trying to get it reinstated. In the meantime, I thought I’d embed another a capella piece he’s done that is still available on YouTube.