With special thanks to Mike Hein

This weekend, I received a strange and unexpected mass email from one Mike Hein. This email (which contains the entire text of the first post in public message board thread) basically informed me of the latest activities of Rita Moran, a Maine Pagan attending the Democratic National Convention as an official delegate for her home state.

Now, if the names Rita Moran and Mike Hein sound familiar to you, there’s a reason for it. Mike Hein wrote an article for the Christian Civic League of Maine’s online newsletter back in June 2007 which outted Ms. Moran as a Pagan. At the time, Hein was trying (at least that’s what it looked like to this and several other bloggers) to drum up fear that the Democratic Party in Maine was being secretly taken over by Pagans. I wrote my own post about this situation back then, and covered some of the other unethical tactics (most involving an attempt to intimidate or harass anyone who disagreed with them) the CCL of Maine chose to engage in around the time of this story.

As a result of this outting and subsequent harassment, Rita Moran decided to become more outspoken about her faith and became something of a Pagan spokesperson in the Democratic party. This is part of what took her to the DNC this year. So in many ways, I think we Pagans might want to thank Mr. Hein. What he did back in 2007 was deplorable, but it turned out quite well for many of us.

For whatever reason, Mr. Hein can’t seem to leave Rita Moran alone though. Almost a year later, he’s once again reporting on her doings. Though this time, it’s even less clear what he’s hoping to attempt with his mass mailing. I suppose in his mind he’s hoping to drum up the fear of the scary Pagan that’s a visible part of the Democratic party. And I suppose most of his audience might see the reason for that fear, but not me.

Though I will say that it’s nice to know what’s going on with Ms. Moran, and the mass mailing provided me with a link to Rita Moran’s and Ed Lachowicz’s blog for the convention. So thanks again, Mr. Hein!

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